Moms Like to Talk; So Let Them!

It does not matter whether if you are marketing laptop, luxury car, vacation package or baby hamper – you have to speak to mothers as research shows that they are in charge of 85% of household purchases. Mothers are responsible for $7 trillion in consumer spending and Marketing Sherpa reports that the buying power of moms is over $2.1 trillion annually.


Moms are also extremely social. Ad agency Brunner’s research revealed that 96% of moms with children under the age of 12 check their email accounts at least once a day and more than 60% of moms are Facebook users.

With so many IT savvy moms, marketers cannot depend on one-way messages to boost purchase intent. They need to engage with potential buyers by acquiring their information to understand what they’re interested in. This can be done via Site registration form, Facebook plug-in and OpenID Plug-in.

To encapsulate the user data of people who are not on the marketers’ site, they can run a mix of search and sign-up campaigns to point a user to their landing page. These can be engagement path, banners or social ads.

Once the right women sign up to share their information with the marketer, the marketer shall maximize the marketing opportunity with the following steps:

  • Timely follow up: Follow-up in real-time once a potential customer sign up to keep her engaged.
  • Exclusive offers: Show appreciation of their information sharing with discounts or offers that can not be obtained elsewhere.
  • Track: Segment lists based on where the information was collected to juxtapose the outcome and ROI of one medium against the other.

For marketers who are using social media such as blogs and Facebook, here are a few tips to keep the customers engaged:

  • Be personal: Share real-life stories, ideas, and experiences. Have a story about a California baby being rescued? An explicit interview with Tiger Mom on her opinion about her adorable but rebellious young daughter? Share it.
  • Show personality. Is your brand classy, friendly, sophisticated? Whatever that is unique and makes your brand shine – if you have it, flaunt it.
  • Relevance: Do not share impertinent information on your blog or Facebook page.
  • Be real: Do not post spam your target audience with generic, repetitive information.
  • Be engaged: Reply accordingly to comments and messages. If your customer message you, even if it is a criticism or merely an enquiry, make sure that you take the effort to read it and directly reply to it.
  • Be creative: Be entertaining, informative, relevant and unique.

Moms like to talk so let them2

Marketers should also take into account the time of marketing. During one of their studies, producers at Viacom discovered that marketing conducted between 10pm – 12am for moms is most effective due to the fact that any time earlier than that, moms are tied down with school schedule, work and extra co-curricular activities to tend to marketing campaigns. Companies like Gilt, Sacks and QVC also noted that sales are higher in evening hours and offers sent out in the evening are more likely to generate results.


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