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If we do not take good care of our own body, then what is the point, right? With the remarkable advancement of technology touching on multiple industries, it is inevitable for the food industry to see technology touch in as well – which is good news considering the love we, humans, have for food.

Think about it, out of the three elementary needs for life, food is the only one that allows for processing and development – water and oxygen are free and have very little space for development. Food, on the other hand, can be increased in nutritional value, taste, and much more.

nutritious food

Additionally, there is an increasing awareness for eating healthy and keeping the wellness of human body among populations throughout the globe. People no longer want to eat the fattening and unhealthy fast food – instead, they are researching and taking advice for healthy food online. To adapt to that, we are increasingly seeing new technology that helps us discover, learn how to cook, buy, learn, and even how to pair food. Along with the high demand, such room for improvement has seen many start ups join in, and we will share a few that caught our eyes:

Dinner Lab

Having initially started as a get-together for friends and people to try the cooking of new and aspiring chefs, especially during the late hours after clubbing, the Dinner Lab has now grown and can be found in 10 different cities. What they do is pop-up dinners at unusual places, sometimes with as little as 24 hours notice, that will notify registered users to come try a full package meal by an aspiring chef, including unlimited drinks.


Going by the name of “to live” in French, Clubvivre is an online platform that brings catering to another level by allowing people to hire chefs from nearby locations. Whether you have a 2 person dinner or a party with hundreds of people, Clubvivre has plenty of aspiring chefs to take care of your needs. Its mission is primarily based in making chefs the bosses of their own, helping them gain experience and make a name for themselves. You no longer have to worry about finding a good private chef in Singapore, you will definitely have plenty of options to choose from!


As if already being a leader in offering in-store augmented solutions including mapping, Aisle411 recently partnered with Google to provide users with the ability of going through shops and surfing through their in-store shelves. Now, interested clients do not even have to physically go around stores to surf for what they want, they can easily do it from home and then either order it or go buy it in person. Such an service is also going to be a masterpiece for advertising reasons, as marketers will now be able to analyze the interests and demand, helping them bring the right products as well as use the perfect advertising strategy to get to these clients. Finally, although this service can be used by mostly any industry, it also includes the food industry and people can now even look upon restaurants and other food locations in order to decide for where they want to go.

Urban Remedy

By strictly using organic food and juices, Urban Remedy intends to grab a healthy share of the US market by focusing on online sales for the most part. Certified-organic, vegan, raw and ready-to-eat meals, snacks and premium juices are what they promise to bring to your doorstop in record timing, and it sounds impressive.


Having seen the increasing attention people are putting on the healthiness of food they are eating, NatureBox came in with an impressive $10.5 million investment to bring something new and remarkable to the picky clients. Through faster delivery and cheaper products, NatureBox has already seen impressive success in its first year of operation, launching 60 products and shipping over 50,000 boxes already. They are already considered as the disturbers of an otherwise solid snack industry.

And the list definitely goes on without end. Today’s market promises a lot, and people intend to grab a share of their own. Strong determination and creativity have become the norm, ensuring a healthy competition between companies to grab as much market share as possible – consequently, end users are the ultimate winner, as they get the products they demand, and they get it at a cheaper price!

As things stand, be ready to see some impressive products and services very soon!


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